Component Validation

You can add validation attributes from the System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations namespace to the properties of your components so they can be automatically validated in the Sitecore Commerce Business Tools.

Plumber Component Decorator adds the DoActionAddValidationConstraintsBlock to the IDoActionPipeline pipeline, which will validate the entered data and adds error messages if necessary.

Below is an example of using the data annotations attributes:

using Sitecore.Commerce.Core;
using Plugin.Plumber.Catalog.Attributes;
using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;

namespace Plugin.Plumber.Catalog.Sample.Components
    [EntityView("Warranty Information")]
    public class WarrantyComponent : Component
        [Property("Warranty length (months)", showInList:true)]
        [Range(12, 24)]
        public int WarrantyLengthInMonths { get; set; }

        [Property("Additional warranty information (Days|Months|Years)", showInList:true)]
        [RegularExpression(pattern: "^(Days|Months|Years)$",
            ErrorMessage ="Valid values are: Days, Months, Years")]
        public string WarrantyInformation { get; set; }

In this example:

  • theWarrantyLengthInMonths property has to be in the range 12 to 24;
  • the WarrantyInformation property is validated by a RegularExpression validator and has to be one of Days, Months or Years.

More information:

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